Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tadaima [ただいま]

The last post in this blog... :)

Well, I'm back. The plane was delayed due to storms, but I finally made it home in one piece. (a few days ago, actually. I had no internet for a while.)

Well, "that stuff" I said I would talk about later:

To say it concisely, my host family was pretty bad. It seemed to me (and some others) that my host mom had some emotional problems-- I had to switch with four days left(lolwhat). My school experience was also pretty ... bad. My class, as one teacher put it, was a "dysfunctional class" filled with students who were completely uninterested in everything-- teachers complained about my class and how they would not respond or do anything. It took two weeks to get through the front side of an English worksheet while other classes finished it in a day and watched The Simpsons instead. Also, I was the only student not placed in an art course (or any sort of course at all) and had generally very uninteresting classes and teachers without any motivation or enthusiasm.

If you really want more information, ask me in person. :) Sorry if I'm sounding all depressing or something; just trying to relay some general facts.

Despite all of that, my experience was truly great and was a once in a lifetime opportunity-- I can't be thankful enough to all the people who helped make it what it was.

This blog will stay up here as an archive of sorts. Feel free to browse around.