Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Coming home!

My last post from Japan...

Tomorrow at exactly 10:00 AM I leave for home. :) (I have sad and happy feelings about that. :D ) I'll be shinking (taking the shinkansen :P ) to Tokyo at 10:21 AM and will arrive there at 12:14 AM. Then my plane for America leaves at 4:00 PM and I get to the Chicago airport at 9:23 AM the same day... how does that work?! :P (14 hour time difference, that's how!) Though then I do have to fly to Chicago and then back to Madison... I'll arrive at 9:09 PM or so.

I did a ton of shopping today (well, a moderate amount) and got some people some pretty awesome gifts, in my opinion. :D

I SHALL SEE YOU ALL VERY SOON!!! (most preferably tomorrow or the next day!!!)


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Unspecific Update (one of many)

A ton has happened... and there actually is a lot that I haven't written about... yet. I'll fill everyone in once I get back. Don't worry though (MOM), I'm completely fine and still doing great. :D

Today was also the last day of school. I got a card thing from my class. Again, more details about my school life and such when I get back. There's a LOT to say.

Instead of any more information or pictures, here's a haiku my YFU friend wrote on the plane ride to Japan that still makes me laugh:

We jumped on the rocks
And then we got too friendly
We went off program

My recent happenings are in no way related to that topic though... thank God. :) Tomorrow-- lots of shopping! (I already bought some fantastic terrible English shirts :D )

See you all in a few days. :) I can't wait!