Friday, June 25, 2010

Even more bad English and school updates and such

Oh hi, once again.

Yesterday in school we went to go see an "opera" (which was actually just a normal play with some singing) called "ねずみの涙," meaning "Tears of the Mice" or "The Mouse's Tears." It was pretty enjoyable, though I rested a lot during it. :P (note that rest ≠ sleep!) Plus I couldn't understand most of it. :) Kinda fun to have around 1,2000 students all wandering around in the main hall and second floor waiting for the show to start, though. I also learned a new word yesterday-- けつあご (ketsuago) meaning BUTT CHIN. heh.

Now time for more bad English phrases that I've seen in the past few days... or things that just made me go "wat".
  • Elementary school girl wearing a shirt saying "PLEASURABLE Experience"
  • Elementary school girl wearing a shirt saying "SECOND HAIR TASTY"
  • Elementary school girl wearing a shirt saying "Brisk Girls"
  • Girl from my school wearing a T-Shirt saying "HELLO  IT'S ME,  PARCO"

Oh God, and computer class yesterday too... (we used that translator again)

My friend's computer screen read:
習慣/文化 (Custom/Culture)
アメリカ      There are only a lot of delivery pizzas as for the cereal that sprinkled milk in daytime in the morning the fast food and supper such as hamburgers.

And the person sitting next to me's read:
United States?

1. Shape of snowman
2. Difference of manners
3. Difference of manners


The Pokemon becomes popular in the animated cartoon.


That night I went to the onsen/ofuro place 極楽湯 (gokurakuyu - literally 'paradise hot water' ... :P ) with my friend Ryosuke and my host brother Taiga. I went in some baths this time that we didn't have time to before, and just like last time, was very enjoyable. :) I wish those existed in America...

I also tried sea squirt for dinner that night, and it was pretty gross. Sendai is apparently famous for it (along with ox tongue, but I haven't eaten that... yet).

...And then today was just another normal day. The last two periods were music, or as the schedule called it, "音I" (Sound I). I "learned" to play the piano-- basically calling all the notes on the musical scale and the piano "do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do" instead of "ABCDEFG" and turning the volume off on my piano when the teacher was on the other side of the room (which was almost always). :D So apparently if you live in Japan, you know how to play the piano as everyone learns it in school. It was really fun though, talking about music and popular Japanese and American songs with friends. :)

"English Conversation" class today was pretty fun, and everyone was all like 「わあああああああ おおおおおおおおおお すげええええええっ~」 when I spoke a bunch of English for them (don't even try putting that into a translator, it'll just mutilate it). The teacher (who was super good at saying her L's v. R's but terrible at TH vs S and pronounced "P.E." "Fee-E") was really nice though... and probably spoke the best English of any Japanese teacher in the school.

In first period normal English class... (not English Conversation class-- they're different. All classes are different. For example, there's classes like "hygiene," "ethics," "Japanese" and "Japanese synthesis" ... oh, and the Radio Broadcasting Club is located in the Radio Broadcasting Room and the Rough Sketch Club in the Rough Sketch Room... wat.) ..... okay, back on topic (sorry for not finishing that sentence). So many things to say and no place to say them. D: Anyways, in normal English class everyone learned new vocabulary words and I was given a photocopy of the pages in the book and the handout they were studying.

Some of my favorite passages were "The dome saw everything." and "...a silent but clear message. 'No more Hiroshimas!'" hahaha wat. "No more Hiroshimas" was also a word on their vocabulary list, along with other words with negative connotations such as "bomb," "destroy," "kill," and "deadly." On the back of the sheet was a English comic CHALLENGE. Ready?

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA. oh my god I just broke out laughing right in the middle of class.

SO DRAMATIC AND TOUCHING DESU. ;_________________________________________;

Also, on a completely different subject, my two older brothers have an AWESOME part-time job together... it's a SEEEKRIT and they make a big deal about not telling just anyone, so email me or ask me on Gmail chat or something if you want to know. :P


Ana-chan (who btw is mai waifu), Taiga and Dokuro-chan, just to brighten your day. (especially yours, Michael). I found them in my copy of Dengeki G's magazine and was like woahwtf since were they here.

Also in G's magazine-- "Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi" (roughly Ookami-san and Seven Friends [though 'Ookami' really means 'Wolf'] and which is by J.C.Staff, WHOOP WHOOP!) and Oreimo - "Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Na" (My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute). Also included is Mitsudomoe which I didn't take pictures of. ;__; but it is still sure to be amazing, along with the others. :B Mitsudomoe's website here. ドキドキわくわくだよ。

And lastly, my friends Eri-chan and FlowerHairpin-chan (aka I forgot her name, which I do a lot). Yeah, don't ask me what they're doing-- no clue. People seem to love asking me what their names are... which I always forget. "Yuuya," "Yuuta," "Yuuka" and "Yuna" all sound all so similar... ;___;

Also, if for some reason anyone except for him cares, I picked up over 10 団扇 (uchiwa, fans) for my Japanese teacher Hegge-sensei back in America at the store ケーズデンキ (kēzu denki, K's electric), since he asked me to get him some. :P

...And that's my adventure so far.


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Nozo, nozo, nozomi! Kamu to funyan nyan nyan nyan nyan funyan~

I really don't see why it's called the rainy season when there is SO MUCH SUN.

Today was just another normal day at school, except today was shorter because at this time of year the middle school teachers come to check on all their first year students and make sure they're doing okay in school (which I doubt many are-- it is Seibun after all). :P ...and if you didn't realize yet, Seibun is the name of my school. The whole name is really "Tohoku Seikatsu Bunka Daigaku Koutou Gakkou," but as nobody wants to remember all that everyone just calls it "Seibun."

Also, because I feel as if I need to say this: I sleep on a towel (but also on a sheet and mattress, etc.) Just thought it was worth mentioning for some reason or other.

I joined the Language Club, whose president is one of the only two students in the history of the school to take the ELPT (English Language Proficiency Test) level 2-- Bushaa-sensei (in English: Buchard, I think. he's French.) put it: one of the only two university-bound students in the history of the school. :) But yeah, Monday is English, Wednesday is French and Friday is Italian. I'll also be joining Calligraphy Club, which will be every Tuesday starting next week! Two of my YFU friends who also go to Seibun are joining Kendo club, and by the end of their homestay they will [probably] have official government-recognized certificates showing they have mastered the first level of Kendo. It might be fun, but I don't think I'm that interested, plus I would need to go at least 3 or 4 days a week, so yeah...

I had a computer class yesterday, in which we typed self-introductions with the help of the EXTREMELY TERRIBLE TRANSLATOR NAMED "EXCITE" ! The website is here if you want to check it out for some reason. Looking at my classmates' screens, here are some of the things I saw:
  • The hobby is to go live. I hate sweet the one.
  • Please enjoy Japan without reserve while it is short.
  • My hated insect is a bee.
  • My favorite cartoon book is a close and a cover.
  • Favorite sports are baseballs and futsals. (I have no idea what a 'futsal' is either)
  • And, a my boom today is a game.

Yeah, it was pretty entertaining. Though what was even more entertaining was the 5-year-old elementary school girl I saw walking home from school yesterday with a hat on that said, "I'M CASHED, BRAH!" oh god. After she walked by, I tried to hide my laughter as a bunch of Seibun students stared at me strangely.

...And now for some random pictures:

A mug my host mom has.

My mom makes food in my obento (lunch) into animals-- this apple slice is a rabbit. :D

Japanese sign language for the kana 'せ' (se)

A student in my class' 筆箱 (fudebako, pencil case) ... I'm not sure if she knows what it means.

The super difficult math we do in class. Apparently in my friends' class the teacher wrote "3÷4 = ¾ NOT 4/3."

And to end, my favorite Japanese TV commercial I have seen so far:

(And moar Fit's LINK commercials here!) So fantastic.

Until next time, ば〜い. :>

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Animu Talk, Jelly Beans & 'SPACE SHOW' Movie

Last night was super super fun. :) Definitely one of the best nights so far.

Ryosuke, Shun and their mom came over and Ryosuke and I obsessed over my loli and anime magazines. :V then he took a bunch of pictures of NSFW content from those magazines with my host brother's cell phone (which, by the way, are AMAZING-- you can watch TV on Japanese cell phones too) and set them as his background. Some of my favorite questions of the night included: "What's the difference between small breasts and being flat-chested?" , "Do Americans have large breasts?" , "Do you prefer hard or soft?" , "So you love both virtual and real girls?" , "How do you say 'huge bust' in English?" and "Why do you know those words in Japanese?" :) So yeah, basically everyone's all casual about topics such as that over here in Japan. But oh my god, obsessing over animu girls, laughing over practically nothing while others have no clue what or who we're talking about and freaking out whenever we see CLANNAD, Little Busters! or Hayate no Gotoku! mentioned is so much fun. :B

Then everyone dared each other to try different flavors of jelly beans that I brought as a present. The best part was definitely when we told my host mom that the green watermelon flavor was "kaeru" (frog)... she totally freaked out as she's deathly afraid of frogs (and really any small, green animal). We also saved all the Chili Mango and Licorice jelly beans for my host brothers, since they tasted terrible. :P

Also, the movie 宇宙ショーへようこそ (uchuu show e youkoso) - Welcome to THE SPACE SHOW, which comes out next week in Japan, looks SUPER amazing. Plus, the theme song is sung by Susan Boyle. :)

Trailer: (with SUPER SRS English narration that makes me laugh)

Official website is here. ドキドキわくわくですね。

Bye for now! :D