Saturday, July 17, 2010

Shopping and other stuff

So last night I went to Tsutaya again (that amazing store with a bunch of DVDs and CDs and Manga for rental) and finally got to take a lot of pictures after forgetting my camera the past two times we went there.


Lots of love for K-On! :3


AND EVEN MORE LOVE for TORADORA! ... but there were no DVDs to be found anywhere. ;__;

So... Much... Hayate no Gotoku!...

Lots of Pokemanz


That's not Wallace and Gromit, it's Uoresu to Gurumitto, obviously.

More strange movie titles in Japanese:
  • The movie "Flushed Away" in Japanese is called マウス・タウン (Mausu Taun, Mouse Town)
  • "Over the Hedge" is 森のリトル・ギャング (Mori no Ritoru Gyangu, Little Gang of the Forest)
  • "Ratatouille" is レミーのおいしいレストラン (Remii no Oishii Resutoran, Remi's Delicious Restaurant)
  • "Meet the Robinsons" is ルイスと未来泥棒 (Ruisu to Mirai Dorobou, Luis and the Thief from the Future)

Afterward, Taiga, Ryosuke and I went to the onsen/ofuro place again that is instantly recgonizable by a huge "ゆ" banner outside. (湯/お湯 means hot water, read "ゆ yu" or "おゆ oyu" - the 'o' in front just makes it more formal) They just got back from hiking up a 2,000ft mountain or something for a school trip and they were like we're all tired let's go sit in some baths so we did just that.


BUT BEFORE ALL THAT, in school periods 5 and 6, we went to "clean up" ... basically meaning walking long distances around the neighborhood and playing with worms and moss and metal pincer things-- not much "cleaning up." But it was still fun.


And right before this post, I went around shopping. Well not really... I tried to go-- I guess my mom was right when she says there aren't good any stores around here. :P She is going to take me to some Japanese-style shops and such on Wednesday, though (RIGHT before I leave!). :) However, today, I did stumble in on NODA-YA which is basically a "Gun & Figure" store... a strange combination.

And then I saw Rin (from こどものじかん, Kodomo no Jikan, A Child's Time).

But she was 6800円 (a little more than $68) so I was all like cry ;__; And no Mom, no children were harmed in the creation of that figure, anime or manga. Plus the manga was written by a woman so it's even more lolthisissoscrewedup-ish.

...NODA-YA did have some pretty awesome stuff though:

Lots of K-On! stuff. :D ...including a car, lolwut.

this made me lol


Vocaloid :D


The original reason I went there was to look for some Haiji stuff... which I ended up not finding at all. :< In case you don't know (which you probably sadly don't), THIS is Haiji:


...and that's all. Tuesday is my last day of school (Monday is a holiday, 海の日 umi no hi, Marine/Ocean Day), and I have to give a closing speech I think... totally not prepared for that. :) and then on THURSDAY, I leave for America! (leave at 10 and get back at 9 the same day or something... hah.)

See you all really soon!!! :D

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Nate said...

Good post...are there more holidays like Marine/Ocean Day, because if there are, then it's a lot like Maryland.

Have fun

Eli said...

Well, they do have Golden Week.

Michael said...

Huh. The lack of Toradora DVDs depresses me.

Check and respond to your emails! Planning troubles galore.

See you in 6 days!

Chris said...

The video was so cute ("Ohio!" :-)) What was with the jolly green giant? And how do you celebrate Marine/Ocean day?

Eli said...

Michael: I know right... ;___; but it's only rental. Responded to all emails-- hurrah!

Mom: I have no clue what was with that strange green shirtless man, and people don't celebrate it in any way. I never even heard the name mentioned that day.

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