Thursday, July 15, 2010

Purikura & some other pictures which are moderately humorous (and some bad English)

First of all, those 'other pictures' mentioned in the title of this post:

You CANNOT SURVIVE IN JAPAN without knowing this word.

How evolution worked in Japan (which actually didn't even happen if you read my favorite book mentioned earlier, "Stories About Jesus")

I broke out laughing in the middle of English class. (I want a robot that acts like a cat (not just a dog or a seal), and detects landmines, now what.)

AND THEN. After school I did purikura with the 語学部 (gogaku-bu, language club) at school of which I am a part of. If you don't know what purikura is, Google it (or click here if you're too lazy to). Basically we were all like LOLOL XDD WEEABOO PEACE FINGERS TEENAGE-GIRL FACES AND MAKEUP and then decorated ourselves with pens and animals and stuff.

It was pretty fun. I played Pokémon SoulSilver all day in school today 'cause I was SUPER bored (in the same room all day - no gym/computer/music classes). Don't tell. :>

Also random stuff I have no other place to mention:
  • Nobody has black umbrellas in Japan. If you use one, people will tell you it looks like Totoro's... just because it's black.
...yeah, that's it. Engrish time.
  • Precious shiny stones / Keep shining and / it polishes beautifully
  • One touch sport jug is water supply for athlete. It can be carries conveniently for all sport , easy drinking and ecology.
  • (in classmate's English notebook) helekoputa, connputa, banna
  • (on the purikura machine screen) It waits for a moment
  • Press English↔日本語 button for English Expression.



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Michael said...

You got to play SS all day? Nice!

See you soon!

Eli said...

I navigated Mt. Mortar without a guide. :) And caught Latios... and I think that's about it. I found out that I hate the new game corner more than I imagined, too.

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