Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Short Update

Only a week left from tomorrow. wow. Time sure has gone fast. However, I do have some mixed feelings-- I think 6 weeks is just the perfect amount of time. :)

Hopefully I'll be able to go shopping soon and buy lots of presents and stuff.

In other news, I watched UP three nights ago (in Japanese, "kaaru-jiisan no sora tobu ie" - Grandpa Carl's Flying House in the Sky... still laughing about that :D ) and last night Summer Wars (for maybe like the fifth time in all). :) yayyyy.

See you all soon!!

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Michael said...

Yay, a post that I can manage! :P

One week? Jeez. That is a short amount of time. YAY FOR FLYING HOUSE AND SUMMER WARS :)

See you soon!

Chris said...

OK, now I will come right out and say I miss you and can't wait till you come home :-) Have a wonderful last week! Hope you get to do karaoke, and that your classmates and friends all like their presents, and that you can go shopping yourself. And will you please record that little bird speaking in Japanese?! :-) Maybe you should leave him a sock as a present.

Eli said...

Michael: I'm only home for four days before I leave again to go on some trip thing with my mom... I HAVE TO SEE YOU THEN. Have you heard about the Darlene thing then?

Mom: I'll try!

Eli said...

Oh, nevermind... apparently it won't work then (regarding the Darlene thing, Michael). She says sometime in August, and that you, me and Sarah should come up with a date...


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